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Tim is a proud member of the RVTAA as a Certified RV Technician.

NRVTA Course Certificates

RVTAA Certified Tech.png
RVTAA Tech pic.png
NRVTA Advanced RV - all classes.png
NRVTA Servic tech pic.png
RV Fundamentals.png
NRVTA AC&Heat Pumps.png
RV Exteriors.png
NRVTA WH & Furnaces.png
NRVTA Refrigerators.png
NRVTA Generators.png

Tim is a factory trained technician for the following brands.

Aqua-Hot patch.png
Coleman-Mach patch.png
Suburban patch.png
Aqua-Hot Factory Trained.png
Aqua-Hot Mod 1.png
Aqua-Hot Mod 2.png
Aqua-Hot Mod 3.png
Aqua-Hot Mod 4.png
CM Basic AC.png
CM Wall Therm & Zone Control.png
Suburban Mod 1.png
Suburban Mod 2.png
Suburban Mod 3.png
Suburban Mod 4.png

We are proudly investing in continuing education to give you the best service. 

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